Why You Should Buy Used Camper?

You can start the bargaining process and let’s say you buy this brand new to 21,500 and not like it after the first year. You go to trade your camper and you know you just bought for 21,500 so you think that you will be able to get at least 19,000 of it was used correctly?

Now why they would give 19,000 for something that they can buy a brand new to 15,000? You can rent out my camper at various online sources you can take a look here http://hitchnpitch.com.au.

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Let me keep going. Now you want to trade up to a larger camper and this is one that they bought new for 18,000 so they mark up more, it sits on a lot of 28,000, 10,000 sign-ups.

Dealers know that you’ll want to be close to what you paid for your camper so that they have to mark up new ones to give you that much so you feel warm and fuzzy. They said oh we will give the book value for it was no problem.

Here is the catch, they bought it for 18,000. Sell it to you for 28,000 and says they give you 19,000 to a camper is often used. In this deal they know that they can buy a used camper you are new to 15,000 so that they will not give more than 13,000 to a camper value is often used.

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