Various Types of Forensic Investigations Techniques

A forensic investigation is a practice of legally established in order to get the evidence and facts that will be presented in a court of law. When most people think about the forensic investigation, they think about crime scene investigation, but there are other forms of forensic investigation. There are many types of software used in it. If you are interested to know what software professional uses, you can navigate to


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There are a number of types of forensic investigation used for a criminal investigation in felonies or crimes. Some types of pioneering forensic investigations are mentioned below:

  • Cyber Crime Investigation

It includes Internet Auctions, Online Gambling, online advertising Rental, Peer-to-Peer Networking, Social Networking, Wi-Fi Connection, Work-at-Home offer

  • Forensic Anthropology: Bone Analysis

Bone anthropological knowledge and techniques in the context of the law: forensic anthropology. This involves detailed knowledge of osteology (skeletal anatomy and biology) to assist in the identification and cause of death from skeletal remains and the recovery of the remains using archaeological techniques.

  • Chromatography

Chromatography involves a sample (or extract the sample) dissolved in the mobile phase (which may be a gas, liquid or supercritical fluid). The mobile phase is then forced through the move, the stationary phase mixed. The phases are chosen such that components of the sample have differing solubilities in each phase.

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