The Most Popular Earth Moving And Heavy Construction Equipment

When it comes to civil engineering and construction, not to mention mining the reliability of the heavy construction and earthmoving machinery is essential to see that a construction project is delivered on time and on budget. To know more about earthmoving equipment you can visit

When one looks at historical construction projects, the Pyramids, Roman Roads, and aqueducts, one realizes that these were achieved without the benefit of mechanical diggers to prepare the earth, bulldozers to scrape the unwanted mounds into the landscape desired or large trucks to cart material to the site and the waste away.

The Pyramids were constructed using slave labor with stone quarried and moved and then lifted into place, although there are many theories about how this was achieved they certainly never had the advantage of heavy equipment to do so.

Nor did the mystical ancient druids responsible for the movement of the stones from Wales to Stonehenge were dependent of the sweat of the brow rather than the advantages of heavy equipment.

The Pyramids nearly bankrupted Egypt and were certainly contributory factors in the reduction of that old and ancient civilization to the state it was in when the Romans invaded.

 As for Stonehenge the construction apparently went on over 3,000 years and the stones in the inner circle were dragged from the Prescelly mountains some 240 miles away.

The later stones were dragged and floated on rafts but there was still a lot of manual labor involved. The makers and their history have disappeared into the mists of time so much of this is theory.

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