Why You Should Opt For Self Management Leadership For Innovation?

Business and Management
Hierarchical, business management bureaucracy creates a rigid structure and set of rules that demand compliance with existing practices. It prohibits generate new ideas and original products, services and their delivery. In an increasingly competitive business environment, the conservative organizations tend to perform at a mediocre level, if they managed to survive. You can navigate to¬†innovation360.com/services/professional-services/leadership-for-innovation-and-growth/ to know more about leadership innovation. Image Source: Google Self-management: Significance and Meaning In traditional organizations, there are leaders and followers. The leader decides what to do, and even how to do it, and followers adhere to the direction of the leader in this regard. Consequently, this means that one (or several) people exercise their faculties while others just carrying out orders. Such a scenario may be fine where employees are unskilled with no desire…
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