Scuba Diving Adventure In The Waters Of Hawaii

If you are thinking about a scuba diving vacation spot, then you should consider Hawaiian waters. Hawaii’s waters are warm and clear, filled with different colored fish and coral reefs. No place can compare to Hawaii when it comes to scuba diving. A different world once you are under the water, you will experience an adventure you are sure to remember for the rest of your life.

There are eight main islands to choose from, each with their own diving locations, and unique characteristics. You can also look for the scuba diving adventure in Hawaiiwhich is known for its pristine water, with a wide variety of macro and microfauna.

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Throughout the islands, diving offers many different types of marine life, colorful coral, and even lava formations. The water is clear and beautiful and most of the time you can see as far as 100 feet. There are diving shops and resorts located throughout the islands, so you can either rent equipment or bring your own.

If you don’t know how to dive, don’t worry, most shops will offer certification courses, or lessons if you aren’t feeling comfortable. Hawaiian waters offer diving for all skill levels. There are five main underwater habitats that you can explore. They include the coral reefs, caves, small caverns, lava tubs, drop-offs, basalt boulders, and sandy bottoms.

These areas are so diverse that you can gain access to them either from the shoreline or also from boats. Boating out to a dive spot is the easiest access and offers the best conditions. Diving from the shoreline is not encouraged when there is high tide.

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