Get More Benefits Of Digital Clock Widget for Android Device

We like to keep track of time because we all want to fulfill tasks on time. So watch has become a very important tool in our life. Some people prefer analog watches, some prefer digital watches. While we believe lots of people prefer to watch time just by cell phone.

Why Do We Prefer to Watch Time By Cell Phone?

We believe there are some reasons for choosing to watch time by cell phone. First and foremost, it is free. We don’t need to spend extra money on buying a wristwatch. Second, we have the option to install all kinds of digital watch widgets on our android phone. You can also visit to know more about smart displays.

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How to Choose a Good Digital Watch Widget?

First, a good digital clock widget must be easy-to-use and stable. We don’t want to use a watch that always goes wrong. Second, it can be customized. As a user, we always want our stuff is unique and personalized.

Digital Clock Widget is especially suitable for those who prefer to watch time by cell phone. It is specially designed for android device users to watch time and date.

Main features:

1. Two-hour modes: 12- or 24-hour clock;

2. Different text colors for time and date;

3. Five different date formatting types;

4. Twelve different time zones for you to choose from. It saves you the trouble to adjust to the current time zone when you go to other countries;

5. Easy to use. Press the small icon on the bottom center of the widget to quickly turn to the configuration page;

6. Press the widget to go straight to music, alarm or browser.

7. You can create multiple widgets for different cities.

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