Why You Should Opt For Self Management Leadership For Innovation?

Hierarchical, business management bureaucracy creates a rigid structure and set of rules that demand compliance with existing practices. It prohibits generate new ideas and original products, services and their delivery.

In an increasingly competitive business environment, the conservative organizations tend to perform at a mediocre level, if they managed to survive. You can navigate to innovation360.com/services/professional-services/leadership-for-innovation-and-growth/ to know more about leadership innovation.


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Self-management: Significance and Meaning

In traditional organizations, there are leaders and followers. The leader decides what to do, and even how to do it, and followers adhere to the direction of the leader in this regard. Consequently, this means that one (or several) people exercise their faculties while others just carrying out orders.

Such a scenario may be fine where employees are unskilled with no desire to study the problem and make a decision. However, in a scenario in which an employee is a person with a high level of skill and training, scenarios can be frustrating and wasteful.

Skilled and talented employees have the ability and potential to contribute actively to the success of the organization.

Even more importantly, it has been found that creativity creative employees tended to get expressed and enhanced only in an environment where:

  • Employees are encouraged to come up with new ideas creative
  • Co-workers and supervisors to support the creativity and ideas seriously considered and evaluated
  • The employees have autonomy and control to do things on their own
  • Employees are also given adequate resources to carry out the work
  • It is in such context that the issue of self-management gains importance.

Managed employees:

  • Gathering information and knowledge to assess their own performance
  • Set performance goals on the team and/or individual level
  • Recognize good performance and strengthen themselves
  • Set high-performance expectations for themselves
  • Practice assignments before actually implementing them as may be mission-critical operations
  • Criticizing and prevents poor performance of their own
  • Managed employees and teams tend to observe the reality in the field, and come up with innovations in the form of new ways of doing things, or even with the ideas of new products and services. It is innovations like that help organizations to survive and thrive in a competitive environment.

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