Japanese Kanji Character and English

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Think about the meaning of words between English and Japanese, can point out some words in Japanese, which can be clearly expressed in English or can find exact English words with same meanings. A Japanese word "Ai" is one of them. "Ai" has exactly the same meaning of the English word "Love". "Ai" has the sound and the same meaning as the Chinese "Ai". Another example of a word that has almost exactly the same meaning between Japanese and English is "Sei", English means "sacred" or "spiritual. There are many Japanese English words you can express in a simple 1 or 2 words. You can get more information about¬†how to learn Japanese kanji via https://www.kanshudo.com/howto/how_to_read_kanji. Image Source:¬† Google On the other hand, there are some words in Japanese, they cannot…
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